Friday, November 16, 2012

Massive Nail Mail/Haul

Finally, I can post something without people having to look at my messy polishing skills.  No polish on the cuticles or fingers and no tipwear here.  Just pretty pretties. :)  And picture heavy as well.

First off is my polish from The Daily Lacquerista.  It just came today and I can't wait to try it.  So pretty.  And she has the cutest packaging I have seen so far. 

First, it all came wrapped in this cute pink bag with a bow:

There was also a a business card,  and again so cute.

And the bottles!  Oh my, so adorable.  I feel like I'm babbling but really.  I usually don't care so much about packaging or how the bottle looks.  As long as it arrives undamaged and works well, I'm happy.  This really made an impression on me though, so I feel compelled to babble about it.

Next we have half of my nail mail from butter LONDON's 30% off sale.  I actually went back before it was over and ordered more, but who knows when that order will get here.  These took forever to arrive.  But they are here now. :)

Gorgeous colors!  From left to right in the bottom picture - top row: Posh Bird, Scuppered and Toff.  Bottom row left to right: Fiddlesticks, Yummy Mummy and Blowing Raspberries.  I've developed a great liking for butter LONDON - especially at 30% off! :)

Another indie poish I wanted to try was Mentality and my order also came today.  I was looking for some pretty nuetral colors to wear to work and I think these will work out nicely.  I'm so glad the pictures show the difference in the colors, even if they are a little blurry.

No, I'm not done yet.  Someone should take away my credit card.  I've used Kleancolor Holos before and really liked them, so when I was brrowsing on ebay and saw a pick 12 colors for $18.00, before I knew it I had picked twelve.  I just can't stop my fingers from hitting that buy button.

Let's see if I can get the names right - from top to bottom, left to right: Tiara Gold, Chunky Holo Scarlet, Starry Night, Winter Wonderland, Chunky Holo Black, Titanic, Angel Red, Jewelry, Retro Green, Copper, Chunky Copper and Golden Nightmare.  I need more fingers.

Then there is my Pure Ice haul from WalMart last weekend and the Sally Hansen Lustre Shine polishes I picked up this week.

Pure Ice left to right: Crimson, Grunge, Girl's Best Friend, Draped, Temptress and Iced Copper.  Sally Hansen left to right: Lava, Copperhead and Plume.  I'm pretty sure I bought Firefly also, but I can't seem to find it.

I'm looking forward to trying all of these.  And I'm still waiting on more mail.


  1. Holy smokes, Sue! You're gonna go broke at this rate! Impressive haul, though, seriously!