Monday, December 3, 2012

Fash Pack

Since I am currently fascinated with my butter LONDON, here is another one.  This one is called Fash Pack and is another neutral color that BL's website describes as "mushroom meets putty".  I think thats a pretty good description.

 I don't like this one as much as Yummy Mummy.  Although it dried quickly, the formula was kind of thick and draggy.  After I finished my mani, I notice big patches along the sides of my nail where the brush totally skipped over my nail.  The polish also seemed to miss the tips of both of my index fingers.  That may have been me, but the polish was a bit difficult to work with.

It is a plain creme polish, no sparkle as far as I can tell.  It did dry quickly and althogh the surface of my nail looked a little uneven becuase of the dragging issue, it smoothed out nicely with BL PDQ topcoat.

Yesterday I ended up doing two more coats the fill in the bald aptches.  So I ended up with 5 fairly thick coats of polish, plus a base and top coat.  I think 5 coats is a lot.

Aside from that, I do like the color.  It's quite a bit darker than Yummy Mummy, but I like the color on me and it does look good with everything.  I think next time I may try using a little bit of thinner and see if that helps. 


Yummy Mummy is defintely the winner in my book, but I'll be wearing this one again also.

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  1. Neutrals look so much better on you than me! I'm so pale they just fade into me. I do like Yummy Mummy better though - sparkles! Also, I nominated you fro the Liebster award. Here's the psot with the details if you're interested!