Friday, January 18, 2013

Purple Polish

Every time I use another butter LONDON polish I like it more.  I still only buy it on sale because I think $14 for a bottle of polish is crazy, But I love it all the same.  So far, every one I have applied has gone on flawlessly and looked amazing, except I think Fash Pack was a little thick if I remember correctly.

My purple polish manicure was no different.  I started with two coats of BL Marrow and then added a coat of Knackered.

It was pretty, but I banged up the tips of my nails at work, so yesterday I touched them up and added another coat of Knackered.  It was so much prettier with two coats than just one.

Marrow was pretty on its own, but I think the Knackered gave it the zing that it was missing.  The shine and sparkle is subtle, not in your face glittery, but in the sun it really brings out the different colors.  Unfortunately, today I did not have my camera when the sun was shining. :)

In my opinion, I think Knackered is probably too sheer for me to wear on its own, but I love it over other polishes.  I think I want to try it over black or even red or orange.

I like this manicure so much that I will leave you with one more picture.

Have a good one!

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