Thursday, January 10, 2013

Liebster Award

I’ve been nominated for a Liebster Award! I was nominated for this a while back by my friend Mal at Enchanted Nails and Fluffy Dog Tails but I was having a hard time finding blogs with less than 200 followers.  Today I had some time to do some searching and I found 11 blogs that looked really interesting to me, so I nominated them.  Now I just have to work on updating my blog list. :)  Thanks Mal, for nominating me!

The Liebster Award looks to recognize new bloggers with less than 200 followers and help them get discovered. 
The rules are, you must post 11 random facts about yourself, then answer the 11 questions the other person asked.  Then come up with 11 new questions and tag 11 new blogs with less than 200 followers. And you can't nominate the person who nominated you.

 11 Random Facts About Me: 

1.  I am addicted to Diet Pepsi
2.  I have 4 cats - Riley, Jasper, Emmett and Jack
3.  My dog hated my cats so I had to take her back to the APL - it was sad.
4.  I smoke
5.  I used to write Trixie Belden fan fiction
6.  I named by blog after my dog - Ruby Tuesday
7.  I have 11 nieces and nephews
8.  I have lived in Cleveland or a suburb of Cleveland all my life
9.  My nail polish collection is embarassing large - especially since I only started polishing my    nails again this year.
10.  I have worked in banking for over 30 years.
11.  I have never been married.

11 Questions from Mal:

1. What’s your favorite mass market polish brand?
China Glaze and OPI

2. What’s your favorite indie brand (or which do you want to try the most if you don’t have a favorite yet?)
I'm still trying out my indie polishes, but I adore Above The Curve, Mentality and Different Dimension.  I'd love to try Girly Bits though.

3. What’s at the top of your bucket list?
You know, I don't have a bucket list.

4. What tv show would you want most want to star in?
Sons of Anarchy - Jax, yummm....

5. Does Tyra Banks & America's Next Top Model make you laugh or shake your head in disgust?


6. Desert or mountains?

7. Have you ever eaten dessert first?

8. Have you ever won a contest?
Not that I remember.

9. What would your dream job be?
FBI profiler

10. If you could have a super power, what it would be?

11. What’s your favorite book of all time?
Trixie Belden - Gatehouse Mystery.

My 11 Questions

1.  When did your nail polish love start?
2.  What is your favorite food?
3.  Do you have any pets?
4.  What is your favorite drink?
5.  What is your go to nail polish color?
6.  Have you lived in any other state other than the one you live in now?
7.  What kind of car do you drive?
8.  Do you recycle?
9.  What is your favorite dish to make in a crockpot?
10.  Do you enjoy exercise?
11.  What is your all time favorite TV show?

I nominate:

Lena Loves Nails
Kat Stays Polished
And Then There Was Polish
Glittery Fingers & Sparkling Toes
Can't Hold My Lacquer
Denny's Digits
Erica's Nails and More
Fancy Schmancy Nails
Go Polish Yourself
Lacque Enthusiasm

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